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Works In Progress

Works in progress. Here are the projects at the moment. Books, sculptures, radio work and life as enjoyment. This is what comes next . . . hopefully.


DIAMOND HUNTING IN NEW SOUTH WALES (working title) is coming along.  Having had the good fortune to work with the leading diamond exploration geologist for the east coast of Australia for a number of years this is the story of the love of land, the love of literature and the love of a quest as we searched for the source rock of the many diamonds found here.  It is also concerned with the exquisite matters of carbon and time.  Hopefully finished in 2013 but I doubt it because . . .


I will be sculpting a few portraits of my friend Peter Dunshea who died in May.  Peter got on his new Triumph motorcycle in Byron Bay and rode off to a funeral only to find it was his own.  Managed to cheat both heart failure and diabetes and die doing something he loved.  Good on ya Pete.

peterinprogress1web peterinprogress2web


Discovered that my brother Brean has not only my son and my brother Kevin’s son named after him but also a lovely redheaded girl as well.  Better hit the wax and clay for that one too.  She’s going to be trouble, young Miss Tibbins, just like her namesake.


Hoping to write a small book with the working title of Learning to Love Your Own Death . . . and no, it is not in praise of suicide but rather a recognition that our lives are a poem, and that it is both natural and good that it should end so that our grandchildren might live.  Not sure if it will make the New York Times bestseller list but an important subject I believe.





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