The Little Book of Meditation

The Little Book of Meditation


Simply taking 20 minutes of each day to be still. That’s it. There is no more to it.

You do not have to be physically still. Some people meditate while walking, gardening or sweeping. To lie down or to sit down is my habit and perhaps easier in the beginning.

The stillness is internal. It is the attempt to halt the internal conversation that goes on in our minds all the time.

This is difficult to do at first and difficult to do at the last. This internal conversation is ceaseless and keeps us from reality either by reliving the past, which cannot be changed, or imagining a dark future which almost never comes to pass.

I have meditated since September 2, 1973 and my mind still rattles on every time as I start to meditate.

It’s not just you. It is all of us, even old meditators.

So don’t try to meditate.

Sit down or lay down, close your eyes and stay there for 20 minutes.

The Little Book Of Meditation

The Little Book Of Meditation

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