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We all have weaknesses and sculpture is one of mine. I love working in three dimensions and have done so for a long time.

The two areas I work in are portraiture and architectural / monumental. This work is unique and slow and there is no happier effort.

You may enjoy reading two fictions I wrote where sculpture plays a leading role. INNOCENT BYSTANDER and EVERY MAN A THERMONUCLEAR DEVICE are available through links on this website and will give you an insight into my work and thought in this field.

What defines this work is the thought as well as the physical work itself. This is the advantage of both sculpting and writing. The clarity or lack of clarity is clear and entirely mine.

What I say in all my work, both written and sculptural, is . . . Yes. Yes to all of this life. Yes to the joy and yes to the pain. Yes to it all and yes again.


Portraiture starts at $10,000.

Maquettes for architectural work start at $7500. Projects of this nature are expensive to complete.

Use the contact details if you are serious about a sculptural project and we will talk about it.

Are books sculptures? I will continue to make a few handmade books, both with written material on this site, other written work and new work too.






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